New Citizen A32 and Keyance IM-6125 machines

Citizen A32 Citizen The A32VIIC brings the benefits of Citizen technology to a machine without a guide bushing suitable for shorter work pieces. These benefits include outstanding productivity due to the machine’s speed, ease of setup and high flexibility. The machine uses high rigidity spindles developed with sister company Miyano. The A32VIIC includes a thermal displacement compensation unit as standard, making it possible to automatically apply complex and sophisticated thermal compensation. This unit eliminates warm-up operation and is effective after machine stoppage times from several minutes to several hours, saving operator time on dimension checks.




Keyance IM-6125 Keyance Model: IM-6125 Type: Measurement head Image pickup device: 1″ 6.6 mega pixel CMOS Display: 10.4″ LCD monitor (XGA: 1024 × 768) External monitor connectable (clone output) Light receiving lens: Double telecentric lens Field of view: Wide field: ø100 × L200 mm, High precision: 25 × L125 mm